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  Touristes chinois bienvenus
Posté par : Axl - 12/02/2020, 11:19 - Forum : News - Réponses (7)

Finalement ils font comme si de rien n'était !!

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  Possible suspension du visa pour les chinois
Posté par : Axl - 31/01/2020, 13:30 - Forum : News - Réponses (1)

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  Phuket: Ladyboy death - farang claims she jumped, mum says it was murder
Posté par : Axl - 10/01/2020, 17:55 - Forum : News - Réponses (1)

Phuket: Ladyboy death - farang claims she jumped, mum says it was murder

Phuket police are investigating the death of a 28 year old ladyboy yesterday. The farang who took her for sex claims she jumped from the balcony of his hotel after going through his possessions.

But family and friends say there is no way she would have killed herself. She didn't need money and was not stressed out.

They are demanding a transparent police investigation claiming that it was murder.

Lt-Col Jessada Saengsuree deputy chief of police went to find 28 year old Apinyo Kaewkhao dead after falling from the seventh floor. She had a broken neck and facial injuries, reported Daily News.

The body was taken to Patong Hospital for autopsy.

Ramasan A. from Turkey said that he had been out with a compatriot friend to the bars in Soi Bangla, Patong. He took a ladyboy to his room and the friend took a woman. They had separate rooms.

He told police that while he was taking a shower he heard the sound of the victim rifling through his possessions and getting his key card. He confronted her and she tried to get away via the balcony, he claimed.

After stopping her he said that Apinyo then went to the friend's room and knocked and spoke to the woman there.

After walking to and fro in the friend's room she headed to the balcony, he said. Her final act was to take the hand of the woman and say: "I'm going now". (In Thai: พี่ไปก่อน Phee pai gorn)

Then she allegedly jumped.

Apinyo's mother Amphan, 62, and father Thawee, 64, dismissed this as nonsense saying they believe their son was murdered.

She had called earlier at 9.30 pm and there was no sign of any problem. She had transferred 3,000 baht to her mother. They described her as the main bread-winner of the family who had no money problems and was loved by all.

They called for a full investigation.

Daily News also spoke to a 28 year old ladyboy friend of the victim who they called Mr A.

She echoed the parents' assessment of the case saying that Apinyo loved herself and was scared of heights. She had no need to steal from a tourist.

And if she did she wouldn't have jumped from the seventh floor.

Mr A said that the victim did not know the woman in the other room and there is no way she would have taken her hand then said that she was going to end it all.

Mr A called for a transparent investigation from the police.

Source: Daily News

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  déclin de Phuket
Posté par : Axl - 10/01/2020, 17:51 - Forum : News - Réponses (1)

Thai media Manager painted a grim picture of tourism in Phuket in an article in which they quoted leading industry figures and analysts.

They said that tourism on the holiday island needed a "big injection" - and the private sector was demanding action from the government in delivering the medicine.

Expectations are that tourism in Phuket will see a 20% decline in 2020. Without government help it could be worse still.

In thirty years of Phuket tourism the island had faced many challenges, they said. And pulled through.

But this was the worst. Experts said that the root cause was the strong baht that showed no signs of weakening any time soon.

There was also a massive oversupply of hotel accommodation. For this year it is expected that the hotel industry will see 50% occupancy if they are lucky.

They think that the low season will be very low - 20% occupancy only contributing to the year round malaise.

Other factors are increasing competition from neighboring countries offering environmental holidays at new destinations. For many tourists the likes of Vietnam are both cheaper and more appealing as well as new.

Manager said that Phuket has enjoyed 14 million visitors annually in the past and they spend 44 billion baht a year.

But all this is now under threat.

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